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About OHS

Oregon High School

Our Mission Statement

The mission of the Oregon High School community is to work together for success while learning to live respectfully and responsibly in a changing world.

Students grooming dog in agriculture class
Students molding clay in art class

Our Vision Statement

The vision of Oregon High School is to provide a culture in which students are prepared for their future endeavors and learn to be responsible citizens. Our vision will be accomplished by providing students with a challenging, engaging curriculum that is supported by a wide variety of instructional methods. It is essential that all relationships be based on respect, caring, and cooperation to achieve the vision.

Responsibilities for achieving our vision...

Students will be actively involved in and responsible for their learning.

Teachers will be knowledgeable in their subject areas, employ a wide variety of teaching methods, and work collaboratively to enhance learning.

Administrators will provide knowledgeable and supportive leadership, which focuses on the school’s vision.

Support staff will perform their duties in a knowledgeable, skilled manner that supports student learning.

Parents and community members will partner with school personnel to support the school’s vision.

Students participating in SkillsUSA competition

Theory of Action

When all OHS staff build authentic relationships with students and collaborate purposefully to:

  • design and implement engaging and relevant tasks that require critical thinking, reading, writing, problem solving, and reflection;
  • give students opportunities, supports, and feedback they need;
  • measure and reflect on students' work; and
  • adjust plans and actions based on evidence of students' learning,

Then each and every student will grow as an independent learner - critical thinker, reader, writer, and problem solver - and be prepared for success at OHS and in future endeavors.

Panther Power 9 Standards


  1. Read closely to determine what texts say and make logical inferences; cite evidence from text to support conclusions
  2. Determine central ideas/themes from texts and analyze them; summarize key details
  3. Read and comprehend complex texts independently

Speaking & Listening

  1. Prepare for and participate effectively in collaboration with diverse partners; express your own ideas clearly and build on others’ ideas.


  1. Write arguments to support claims using valid reasoning and relevant, sufficient evidence
  2. Cite evidence from texts when reading to support analysis, reflection and research
  3. Write routinely for a range of tasks, purposes, audiences


  1. Understand the meanings of words/phrases by using context clues, analyzing word parts and consulting reference materials
  2. Accurately use a range of academic and context-specific words and phrases.