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Drop Off and Parking Information

The safety of our students and staff is our top priority, and that applies when students are arriving at and departing from school. It is up to all of us to follow the safety protocols put in place for each school and to create the safest possible environment in our parking lots.

School Parking Lot Protocols & Traffic Flow

Below are the parking lot drop-off and pick-up safety protocols and traffic flow for each school. Contact your school administrator with questions.

Oregon High School Traffic Flow Procedures
  • Personal vehicle drop off and pick up takes place in the loop by the main entrance (Door #1); Please pull as far forward as possible to keep the line moving.
  • Bus drop off and pick up will be on the North end of the building.
  • Students who have parking passes may park in parking spaces with yellow lines (spaces with white lines designate staff parking).
Oregon High School (OHS) Drop-Off & Pick-Up Procedures

Procedimientos para dejar y recoger a la escuela secundaria de Oregón (OHS)

  • La entrega y recogida de vehículos personales se lleva a cabo en el circuito junto a la entrada principal (Puerta n.º 1). Tire lo más adelante posible para mantener la línea en movimiento.
  • La parada y recogida del autobús estará en el extremo norte del edificio.
  • Los estudiantes que tienen pases de estacionamiento pueden estacionarse en espacios de estacionamiento con líneas amarillas (los espacios con líneas blancas designan estacionamiento para el personal).
Procedimientos para dejar y recoger a la escuela secundaria de Oregón (OHS)
Take the School Traffic Safety Pledge!
Traffic Pledge

Our school parking lots are extremely busy during drop-off and pick-up times. Pledging to follow these basic traffic safety protocols will make drop-off and pick-up time as safe and efficient as possible. Take the pledge and ask others to do the same!