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Advanced Learning


To provide an environment where learners can collaboratively and individually develop their critical and creative potential as they learn skills that make them effective contributors in the world.


Learners will develop abilities that extend beyond the classroom in areas of:

  • Complex thinking
  • Subject matter mastery
  • Research & independent study skills
  • Self concept & leadership
Advanced Learning Identification Process
Advanced Learning Identification Process

Advanced Learner Teacher — What is our role in the Oregon School District?

Caring & Professional Educators

  • Support & collaborate with teachers, coaches, students, parents and administrators to increase background knowledge & supports for all Advanced Learning students including under-represented Advanced Learning.
  • We participate in ongoing professional development in Gifted/Advanced Learning including academic, social and emotional learning and 2e learners.
  • Advocate for all Advanced learners.
The Five Values

Relevant & Empowering Learning

  • Extend and offer alternative curricula within students Zone of Proximal Development.
  • Social and emotional learning & Academic Learning are integrated in all we do.
  • Facilitate & coach competitions and offer enrichment experiences.
  • Offer professional development to staff on specific advanced learner academic & social-emotional learning needs.

Strong Family & Community Partnerships

  • Collaborate with students and parents to identify academic & social and emotional learning needs.
  • Monitor to ensure students are growing at appropriate rate.
  • Ongoing open two-way communication focused on needs of child.

Whole Child Emphasis

  • Discover and support strengths in learners, including under-represented learners.
  • Support targeted social and emotional learning needs.

Educational Equity

  • Strengths based identification for all learners.
  • Targeted Identification & services for under-represented demographics.
  • Scaffold experiences & learning to support increasing background knowledge & mastery.

Advanced Learning Teachers

Maria Katsaros-Molzahn

Brooklyn Elementary

Terrie Schmoldt

Forest Edge Elementary School

Margaret Koenig

Netherwood Knoll Elementary

Katie Wolf

Prairie View Elementary

Missy Legler

Rome Corners Intermediate School

Jodi Carlson

Oregon Middle School

Julia Flynn

Oregon Middle School

Elizabeth Galica

Oregon Middle School

Jake Malloy

Oregon Middle School