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Multilingual Program

The Multilingual Program provides support to students who are learning English. Any students who speak another language at home will be assessed on their level of English proficiency to determine if they qualify for services. The goal for our English learners is to develop English proficiency and support their learning and understanding of academic core content. The specific services provided will depend on the student’s proficiency level, and may include individual or small group instruction, specialized English support classes, and in-class support in core subject areas.

Multilingual services are currently offered at Brooklyn Elementary, Forest Edge Elementary, Prairie View Elementary, Rome Corners Intermediate, Oregon Middle School, and Oregon High School.

Main Contacts

Jon Tanner

Director of Learning and Student Achievement
District Services Office

Katie Hajdu

Prairie View Elementary, Brooklyn Elementary

Ashley Painter

Forest Edge Elementary School

Rachel Zidon

Rome Corners Intermediate School, Oregon Middle School

Clarissa Zimmerman

Oregon High School