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Driver Education

student driving vehicle during driver education

Oregon High School partners with CESA #2 to offer the Drivers' Education Program, allowing students to conveniently obtain a Wisconsin driver's license. This program is available either at Oregon High School or online, accommodating students throughout the school year and summer.

Our Drivers' Education curriculum meets Wisconsin's requirements for both classroom and Behind the Wheel hours. Emphasizing responsible and defensive driving, the course covers essential knowledge and practical skills, from mastering driving mechanics to understanding traffic regulations. Additionally, students learn about legal and financial aspects of automobile ownership, vehicle maintenance, accident prevention, emotional regulation while driving, and the effects of substances on driving ability. Aligned with Oregon High School's guidelines, CESA #2 ensures compliance with all policies and procedures.

To enroll in classroom instruction and take the temporary license tests, students must be at least 14 years and 9 months old.